About Your Daughter

About Your Daughter

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Updates from your Millennial daughter, trying to make things magnificent.

I’m a girl that hangs out online, and stays in touch with her mom. I’m a girl that’s not so great at making calls or sending regular letters in the mail. When I call, usually the first thing I say is: “Everything is Fine.”  So, I decided to blog to my mom, expanding on this central point. Hi mama, everything is fine.

What’s the point of this? I know you parents out there want to look at your kids’ journals or diaries or whatever they call their daily entry platform. You know there is so much more happening than they tell you, when they call to check in about “the big things.” Broken bones, dental surgery, health issues, housing, and big changes in life….that’s what we call to talk about.

But there’s no discussion of the little things that go on in life, things that go beyond our daily Facebook updates but are less interesting to talk about during our infrequent phone calls. Well, here’s a peek into the boring goings-on of your Millennial kid. Even though I’ve “left the nest” you can still feel as if you’re there with me (and so can I). I’ll talk about where I travel, about my passion points such as language learning and general life goings-on. And as time goes on, I’ll save some of my milestones here. I mean, as I read in a fortune cookie once:  why not?

Wanna come along? I love meeting people. I do that a lot, and will probably talk about that here too. I’m Jillian. Just a daughter of a mom. Who are you? Let’s talk it out.