What Mama Said

What Mama Said

Come One, Come All. Give Advice to the Older Millennial crowd.

That’s right, older millennials. We’re not middle aged, we’re not all young parents. We’re also not young, like teens and typical college students.

And listen, the advice handed out to 18-year-olds is a-plenty. But we new-adults, we of the older half of Gen Y, still need a little guiding feedback.

Talk To Your Grown-Ass Kid.

So here is the request: if you want to talk turkey, do it here. Submit your “growing pains” guides and let the daughters and sons of the 26-36 age range know how we should be spending this decade of life.

Email me or fill in the handy-dandy contact form below, with your topic and Growing Pains Guide idea. Tell me if you’re talking to your son, or to your daughter.

You don’t have to be talking to me.

You can talk to your own kid – speak to their unique growing pains. And you don’t have to be a mama – you can be a papa. Help whichever offspring you want, but use my name so they don’t feel weird (“Jillian, it’s imperative you pay attention to your prostate” is both funny advice for me, and true for millennial dudes).

I want to be clear about this part though: this is not a request for selly-sell blogs to contribute something that might be marginally interesting for a shopper with tunnel vision who may be idly looking for advice on which Serta mattress to purchase in the next 6 hours on my blog. YOU, get outta here. If you have some advice to offer to us, like about stuff that matters, then I’m all ears!

Okay, enough of my blabber – you go!