I Guest Blogged this Past Winter

Remember that update post that really was just a boring little report? I forgot to tell you mama, that I tried challenging myself in writing, by guest blogging at group blog during January and February.

The place is called “The Online Safehouse” and it was organized by longtime friend and source of inspiration, Margie Clayman. She invited me to participate and for once I didn’t say “well…I dunno…I’m not that confident in what I can offer…” Because the reasons for creating this group blog were so compelling.

People Don’t Talk About Uncomfortable Things

You know, I like to address the elephant in the room, mama. I’m not sure if you’re been around enough times when I said the thing people were really hoping to avoid having said, but I’m pretty excellent at doing that. I don’t do it on purpose most times. But it happens, and that’s a part of my personality that I can’t, try as I might, suffocate. So I embrace it.

That’s why this blogging outlet was perfect. I could shove a discussion of all kinds of uncomfortable topics out into the light of day, where people could offer comment and spark introspection. Margie thought it up and organized a group of people who would actually talk to many points of view, inviting a full and rich conversation. It was there to let people know, individually, that they are not alone in whatever struggle was happening inside. I did a few posts here, and it offered a kind of freedom I can’t say I’ve felt in any other place in my writing. It really was a safe house, I guess. Here’s a list of my contributions:

  1. Can you satisfy financial anxiety?
  2. Shaping a teen’s body image
  3. 14 ways being single on Valentine’s Day isn’t a big deal
  4. Teens greeting the online world
  5. Serving up 5 of my favorite comfort foods

Challenge: Win At Deadlines

It was really a big challenge too, because it came with deadlines. I usually don’t do deadlines in my personal life because they only give me stress. I promised myself I’d learn to beat deadlines and actually like them with this project. And that was a wobbly affair but I pulled through to fulfill my commitments, which is a win in my book.

Anyway, I wanted to put that out there, if you were curious about what I write about elsewhere. Writing is a thing I can’t stop doing. I’m glad I have at least one thing like that. If I can have an addiction that means I can have a passion, too. It means I can have a career. I guess you can tell right now, mama…things maybe not be amazing, but they are okay.

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