Gen Y R We So Awesome

Gen Y R We So Awesome

I Love a Story.

I’m into hearing, reading and sharing stories. That’s where you come in.


My Mom’s a Great One. She Likes Stories Too.

That’s why yours is welcome here. She can be your listening ear. You wanna get something off your chest? Tell my mama. You need to figure something out? Tell it to my mama. You just feel like jabbering for a while? Go right ahead. 


Drop Mama a Line

The beauty of it is I’ll work with you, do it however you’d like. You can be me, or you can be you with an intro and a photo and everything. It’s as easy as emailing me or filling in my handy-dandy form below. You don’t have to talk about dire circumstances. You can just yap if you want, no pressure.

I want to be clear about this part though: this is not a request for selly-sell blogs to contribute something that might be marginally interesting for a shopper with tunnel vision who may be idly looking for advice on which Serta mattress to purchase in the next 6 hours on my blog. YOU, get outta here. If you have something you want to tell my mama, then holla!


Enough of My Pep-Talk – YOU Go!