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Mama, Korean is hard.

I know you know I’m working on picking up Korean as a second language, Mama. But I’m here to tell you – Korean is hard. To keep my ear familiar with Korean, I’ve kept watching Kdramas and various Korean movies on Netflix and Drama Fever. But during 2012, there was a slight decline in picking up any new knowledge…

OneJillianTasting Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt

I’ll Be Honest. I Got Sidetracked … By MF

He may get a name later, but as I’ve labeled my sister with our nickname for her (The General), I’ll do the same for MF (Man Friend) and keep his name out of it. Now I gotta blame MF for the falloff of my Korean learning (really, the whole spring season was a total daze of twitterpation). My Korean self-studies slowed to a complete stop. As of about a month ago, I’m back at it.

Aside: I feel that’s the test of a hobby. If I come back to a thing after a pause, that means I really have a love for it. Take blogging for instance. I just can’t stop coming back to that.

I’m an avid fan of the TTMIK Facebook page, so I like seeing their daily posts come across my news feed. I even like when they try to sell me things, because I’ve been watching the company grow from what looked like a group project between friends who had a deep interest in spreading an appreciation for Korean, to a legitimately monetized company offering a high quality place to learn, and become proficient at, the Korean language. I like to see a company grow and thrive.

Korean Learning Aids Never Crossed My Mind But I Want Them

I saw a post a couple of months ago, advertising a product for sale in the My Korean Store. It was a set of Hangul keyboard stickers. They stick on to your individual keys to show where on your QWERTY keypad each Hangul character would be located once you switch languages in word-processing to Korean. I’m SO INTO THAT.

If there is one thing that holds me back from starting to create my own Korean sentences at Haru Korean or making Korean FB updates, or using it in any way in my daily life, it’s that creating a word in Hangul using your keyboard is something like trying to create a word from the symbols you can make on the number pad (smiley face, heart, you know what I mean…).

So maybe I’ll hold back some of my lunch money and grab a Korean keyboard guide for myself. It would go a little further than another pair of shoes, huh? Since you know I’m back on the horse Mama, you can guess that all-in-all, things are okay.

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